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Examples of 'armada' in a Sentence

1. The approaching storm threatened the entire armada's safety.
2. Spyglasses were trained on the armada, counting each vessel.
3. The armada's size was both its strength and its weakness.
4. At dawn, the silhouette of the armada was an impressive sight.
5. The admiral commanded the armada with unwavering confidence.
6. Songs were composed about the legendary armada's journeys.
7. From the cliff, the children watched the armada sail by.
8. The armada, once invincible, now lay in ruins.
9. Fishermen told tales of a ghostly armada seen on foggy nights.
10. The night's calm was disturbed by the armada's cannons.
11. Only a swift armada could deliver the urgent supplies on time.
12. The armada's formation resembled a giant aquatic serpent.
13. Negotiations halted as the enemy's armada was spotted.
14. Lanterns on the armada twinkled like stars in the night sea.
15. With each passing hour, the armada's resolve grew stronger.
16. The armada's last stand would be remembered for centuries.
17. Whispers of a golden armada filled taverns and inns.
18. The armada moved in harmony, choreographed by the winds.
19. Every captain in the armada was seasoned with countless voyages.


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