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Examples of 'Armageddon' in a Sentence

1. The pandemic made some people feel like Armageddon had arrived.
2. The war-torn country was already experiencing an Armageddon-like situation.
3. The writer used Armageddon as a metaphor for the collapse of civilization in their novel.
4. The artist created a painting depicting the four horsemen of Armageddon.
5. Armageddon is a concept shrouded in mystery and mythology.
6. In some religious beliefs, Armageddon signifies the ultimate battle of good versus evil.
7. Hollywood has produced numerous blockbuster films featuring Armageddon scenarios.
8. The thought of an impending Armageddon can evoke fear and fascination.
9. Armageddon scenarios often involve apocalyptic imagery and epic confrontations.
10. The preacher warned of the moral decay leading to Armageddon.
11. Ancient prophecies have foretold a time of reckoning, often referred to as Armageddon.
12. Armageddon tales often explore the human struggle for survival in dire circumstances.
13. Surviving Armageddon requires resourcefulness and resilience.
14. The concept of Armageddon has inspired countless works of literature.
15. Armageddon theories vary across cultures and religious traditions.
16. Some view nuclear conflict as a potential catalyst for Armageddon.
17. Preparing for Armageddon has become a niche industry for survivalists.
18. The scientist debunked doomsday Armageddon predictions as baseless.
19. Armageddon-themed video games offer players a chance to survive and thrive.
20. The prospect of an asteroid impact has been associated with an Armageddon scenario.
21. Armageddon tales often raise philosophical questions about the nature of humanity.
22. The preacher's sermon was centered on the coming Armageddon.
23. Armageddon scenarios continue to captivate the human imagination.
24. In popular culture, Armageddon is often depicted as a cataclysmic event.
25. Armageddon cults believe they are preparing for the end of the world.
26. The ancient text prophesied a time of reckoning at Armageddon.
27. The author's novel delves into the psychological impact of a post-Armageddon world.
28. Some see the degradation of the environment as a slow-moving Armageddon.


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