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Examples of 'armament' in a Sentence


1. The soldiers trained extensively with their individual armament to master their use in combat.
2. The arms manufacturer developed cutting-edge armament systems for military applications.
3. The armament exhibition attracted international attendees interested in defense technology.
4. The government sought to strengthen its armament to deter potential threats.
5. The treaty prohibited the proliferation of chemical and biological armament.
6. The country increased its armament to bolster its defense.
7. Diplomacy should always precede discussions of armament.
8. The military's armament includes tanks and artillery.
9. Negotiations aimed to reduce global armament levels.
10. The arsenal houses a vast array of armament.
11. Modern warfare relies heavily on advanced armament.
12. Nations invest heavily in their naval armament.
13. The soldier inspected his personal armament.
14. The arms race led to a dangerous buildup of armament.
15. Proper maintenance is crucial for military armament.
16. The country's armament program faced budget constraints.
17. Strategic planning is essential for deploying armament.
18. A treaty aimed at limiting nuclear armament was signed.
19. The arms dealer specialized in rare and antique armament.
20. The armament industry is a significant contributor to the economy.
21. The army conducted drills to test their armament readiness.
22. International treaties seek to regulate arms and armament trade.
23. The arms embargo restricted the flow of armament.
24. The arms factory produced cutting-edge armament.
25. The general inspected the troops and their armament.

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