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Examples of 'arrange' in a Sentence

1. The librarian will arrange the books by genre for easier browsing.
2. I will arrange the documents chronologically for easy reference.
3. She likes to arrange her clothes by color in her closet.
4. Let's arrange the ingredients neatly before we start cooking.
5. The travel agent will arrange your itinerary for the trip.
6. He'll arrange the furniture to create more space in the living room.
7. We must arrange the data logically for a clear presentation.
8. Can you arrange the snacks on the table for the guests?
9. She will arrange the artwork on the gallery walls with care.
10. Let's arrange the tasks by priority on our to-do list.
11. The conductor will arrange the musicians in the orchestra pit.
12. Please arrange the toys on the shelf in an orderly manner.
13. They will arrange the seating plan for the conference attendees.
14. I need to arrange my schedule to fit in some relaxation time.
15. Could you please arrange the flowers in a vase?
16. They are going to arrange a meeting with the CEO next week.
17. Let's arrange the chairs in a circle for the discussion.
18. We need to arrange transportation for the school field trip.
19. The orchestra will arrange the classic piece for a string quartet.
20. We should arrange a study schedule for the upcoming exams.
21. He's trying to arrange the books on the shelf by color.
22. Can you help me arrange the data in ascending order?
23. She's planning to arrange a surprise party for her mother's birthday.
24. We must arrange our priorities if we want to be successful.
25. The manager said he would arrange a replacement for the damaged product.

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