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Examples of 'arrangement' in a Sentence

1. The arrangement of colors in the painting is striking.
2. We'll discuss the payment arrangement for the contract.
3. The committee approved the budgetary arrangement.
4. She admired the intricate arrangement of the mosaic.
5. The event planner worked tirelessly to create a beautiful floral arrangement for the wedding reception.
6. The professor requested an arrangement of the chairs in a circle to facilitate group discussions.
7. The artist carefully crafted an arrangement of colors and shapes on the canvas.
8. The orchestra rehearsed the musical arrangement before the big concert.
9. The interior designer created a stylish arrangement of furniture and decor in the living room.
10. The librarian organized the books on the shelves in alphabetical order as per the arrangement.
11. The meeting room had a comfortable seating arrangement with chairs and a large conference table.
12. The caterer presented an exquisite arrangement of appetizers on a platter.
13. The wedding planner finalized the seating arrangement for the guests based on their preferences.
14. The chef skillfully arranged the ingredients on the plate, creating an appetizing food arrangement.
15. The landscape designer meticulously planned the arrangement of plants and flowers in the garden.

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