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Examples of 'arrears' in a Sentence

1. The business had to clear arrears to avoid bankruptcy.
2. Arrears in child support payments led to a court hearing.
3. The employee settled the arrears in outstanding taxes.
4. Arrears in utility bills can result in service disconnection.
5. The company faced penalties for tax arrears.
6. The homeowner negotiated a plan to address the arrears.
7. The government collected arrears in unpaid fines.
8. Arrears can impact a person's credit score negatively.
9. The landlord issued a notice for arrears in rent.
10. The court ordered the debtor to pay the arrears.
11. Arrears in alimony payments were a source of tension.
12. The bank demanded repayment of arrears on the loan.
13. The business struggled to catch up on arrears in vendor payments.
14. He successfully cleared the arrears on his car loan.
15. The company's failure to pay its bills resulted in arrears with multiple suppliers.
16. The employee received a warning letter for falling behind in their work and accumulating arrears.
17. The borrower struggled to catch up on their loan arrears, facing mounting interest charges.
18. The landlord demanded immediate payment to clear the arrears on the lease.
19. The government implemented measures to assist individuals in clearing their tax arrears.
20. The customer was denied further credit due to their arrears on previous loans.
21. The homeowner faced foreclosure due to arrears on mortgage payments.
22. The student faced academic consequences due to arrears in coursework completion.
23. The utility company disconnected services due to arrears on the account.
24. The freelancer encountered financial difficulties when clients left them in arrears on project payments.
25. The debtor faced legal action for their outstanding arrears owed to creditors.


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