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Examples of 'arrogate' in a Sentence

1. Many empires in history have sought to arrogate territory from neighboring nations.
2. The teacher made it clear that no student should arrogate the role of the leader during group projects.
3. The company's CEO was accused of trying to arrogate more power than was sanctioned by the board.
4. It is unwise to arrogate responsibilities that one is not equipped to handle.
5. The rebel leader sought to arrogate power from the reigning monarch.
6. It is unethical for a person to arrogate credit for another person's hard work.
7. The manager tried to arrogate all the decision-making power to herself.
8. During the crisis, the president had to arrogate certain powers to maintain order.
9. The activist group accused the government of trying to arrogate land from indigenous communities.
10. The dictator's attempt to arrogate all power led to a rebellion.
11. The mayor had to arrogate control of the situation to prevent further chaos.
12. The coach had to arrogate the role of team captain after the existing captain was injured.
13. It is important to not arrogate privileges that have not been granted to you.
14. The scientist was accused of trying to arrogate the findings of his colleagues.


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