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Examples of 'artery' in a Sentence

1. The government invested in upgrading the aging arterial network.
2. The historic artery is lined with charming boutiques and cafes.
3. The interstate artery is vital for long-distance travel.
4. The city's growth increased traffic on its primary artery.
5. The mountain pass serves as a vital artery for trade.
6. The arterial road connects the suburbs to the city center.
7. The expansion of the urban area required widening the arterial roads.
8. Road crews worked tirelessly to repair the damaged artery.
9. The ancient trade route evolved into a modern arterial highway.
10. The coastal artery is a popular route for summer road trips.
11. Maintaining the arterial infrastructure is crucial for economic growth.
12. Traffic on the major arterial route was diverted due to construction.
13. The artery through the forest offers a scenic drive in autumn.
14. The bypass was designed to divert heavy trucks from the city's main artery.
15. The artery connecting the two cities was undergoing construction and was closed for repairs.
16. The rural area was accessible only by a small artery that wound through the countryside.
17. The artery was dotted with truck stops, gas stations, and restaurants for travelers.
18. The new artery was designed to reduce travel time and improve traffic flow.
19. The artery provided a vital link between the port and the rest of the country.
20. The remote town could only be reached by traveling along a narrow and winding artery.
21. The city's busiest artery was closed for a parade, causing major traffic disruptions.
22. The rural artery was a scenic route, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
23. The artery was well-maintained, with smooth pavement and clearly marked lanes.
24. The city was served by a network of arteries that connected it to other major cities.
25. The arterial road was a vital part of the city's transportation infrastructure, serving as a major route for goods and people.


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