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Examples of 'articulate' in a Sentence


1. She was articulate in her thoughts and was able to express them clearly.
2. He was articulate in his arguments and was able to persuade others to see his point of view.
3. A polished speaker, Simon was able to articulate his points with great clarity on almost any topic.
4. She was articulate in her presentation and was able to engage the audience with her ideas.
5. The teacher was articulate in his teaching and was able to explain complex concepts in simple terms.
6. The lawyer was articulate in her closing statement and was able to effectively summarize her case.
7. She is an articulate and eloquent speaker, able to convey complex ideas with clarity and precision.
8. His articulate writing style, characterized by insightful prose and well-structured arguments, resonates with readers of all backgrounds.
9. The professor's articulate explanations, enriched with real-world examples, made even the most challenging concepts accessible to students.
10. The politician, known for his articulate and persuasive speeches, rallied the crowd with compelling arguments.
11. The lawyer's articulate and compelling argument before the court ultimately swayed the jury in her favor.
12. The teacher encouraged students to become more articulate in their essays, emphasizing the importance of clear communication.
13. His articulate responses during the interview not only impressed the panel but also highlighted his expertise in the field.
14. The journalist's articulate reporting, characterized by in-depth research and thorough analysis, shed light on the complexities of the issue.
15. The poet's articulate verses, rich in metaphor and emotion, conveyed profound feelings that resonated with readers.
16. She is renowned for her articulate diplomacy in international negotiations, facilitating fruitful dialogues among nations.
17. The scientist's articulate presentation, complete with visual aids and concise explanations, clarified the significance of the research findings.
18. The CEO delivered an articulate vision for the company's future, inspiring employees with a clear sense of purpose.
19. His articulate storytelling, infused with vivid descriptions and relatable characters, held the audience spellbound.
20. The author's articulate characters, each with a unique voice and personality, brought the intricacies of the story to life.
21. The customer service representative was consistently articulate in addressing customer concerns, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.
22. Her articulate leadership, marked by effective communication and strategic decision-making, motivated the team to exceed expectations.
23. The artist's work serves as an articulate expression of cultural identity, blending tradition with contemporary influences.
24. The coach provided articulate and insightful post-game analyses, helping players understand their strengths and areas for improvement.
25. The doctor offered articulate explanations about the medical procedure, ensuring patients felt informed and at ease.
26. The orator's articulate speech, brimming with passion and conviction, left a lasting impact on the audience, inspiring action and change.


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