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Examples of 'articulated' in a Sentence

1. Articulated joints in the suit ensured maximum flexibility.
2. An articulated bus swerved smoothly around the corner.
3. The articulated design made the necklace drape beautifully.
4. With articulated wings, the drone mimicked a bird's flight.
5. Engineers admired the machine's articulated construction.
6. The articulated arm extended, reaching the high shelf.
7. Articulated connections make the bridge withstand winds.
8. Kids love the articulated action figures' movable joints.
9. The artist's articulated easel adjusted for optimal angle.
10. Their articulated design allows robots to move naturally.
11. The articulated structure flexes during an earthquake.
12. An articulated hinge made the device more adjustable.
13. The articulated lamp adjusted to focus light precisely.
14. With articulated legs, the table stood stably on uneven ground.
15. He articulated his thoughts clearly and concisely.
16. The robot's arm was articulated to allow for a wide range of movement.
17. The lawyer articulated the legal argument in a convincing manner.
18. The plan was well articulated and easy to understand.
19. The speaker articulated the points in a logical and coherent way.
20. The skeleton was articulated, meaning the bones were connected by joints.
21. The toy train had an articulated design, allowing the carriages to bend and turn.
22. He articulated his position on the issue in a clear and direct manner.
23. The new policy was articulated in a way that made it easy to implement.
24. The design of the bridge was articulated with great attention to detail.
25. She articulated her feelings of disappointment in a calm and measured way.

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