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Examples of 'artificial' in a Sentence

1. The actor's accent sounded artificial, lacking the authenticity of a native speaker.
2. The artificial surface of the tennis court provided a consistent playing experience.
3. The cosmetic industry offers various artificial products to enhance one's appearance.
4. The engineer designed an artificial limb that closely mimicked natural movement.
5. The researcher studied the effects of artificial light on plant growth.
6. Artificial intelligence is reshaping various industries.
7. The artificial flower looked remarkably lifelike.
8. The lake's artificial dam controlled water flow.
9. We enjoyed the artificial snow at the ski resort.
10. Her smile seemed artificial, lacking genuine warmth.
11. The turf on the sports field was artificial.
12. Artificial sweeteners replaced sugar in the recipe.
13. His artificial limb provided improved mobility.
14. Artificial lighting illuminated the dark alley.
15. The artificial reef teemed with marine life.
16. She wore an artificial fur coat to the event.
17. The artificial flavoring enhanced the dish.
18. Artificial insemination is a common breeding technique.
19. The robot's artificial intelligence impressed everyone.
20. The synthetic fabric felt artificial against her skin.
21. They created an artificial island for tourism.
22. Artificial preservatives prolonged the food's shelf life.
23. The scientist developed an artificial heart valve.
24. Artificial intelligence can analyze vast datasets.
25. The artificial horizon guided the pilot's navigation.


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