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Examples of 'artisan' in a Sentence


1. Visitors can watch artisans at work, demonstrating traditional weaving techniques at the cultural center.
2. The artisan cheese was made using milk from local farms and was aged to perfection.
3. The company supports artisans from developing countries by selling their products in the global market.
4. The fair featured an artisan chocolatier who shared the secrets behind making gourmet chocolates.
5. The artisan coffee roaster explained the importance of the roasting process in bringing out the flavors of the beans.
6. The jewelry made by the artisan was unique, with each piece telling its own story through design and materials.
7. The artisan crafted exquisite jewelry with precision.
8. The artisan's pottery bore the mark of a master.
9. Artisans in the market showcased their handmade wares.
10. The artisan's woodworking skills were passed down for generations.
11. The bakery prided itself on using artisanal techniques.
12. The artisan transformed raw materials into beautiful furniture.
13. The artisan's leatherwork was renowned for its quality.
14. The artisan's shop featured handmade candles and soaps.
15. The artisan's culinary creations delighted every palate.
16. The village celebrated its local artisans in a festive fair.
17. The artisan took pride in every stitch of his hand-sewn garments.
18. Artisans in the town square demonstrated traditional craftsmanship.
19. The artisan's paintings captured the essence of the landscape.
20. The artisan's cheese-making process was a closely guarded secret.
21. The artisan's metalwork adorned homes and gardens.
22. Artisans in the village handcrafted unique musical instruments.
23. The artisan's dedication to his craft was evident in his work.
24. The artisan's commitment to authenticity defined his creations.


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