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Examples of 'ascertain' in a Sentence

1. The researcher tried to ascertain the effectiveness of the treatment.
2. The survey sought to ascertain the public's opinion on the issue.
3. The team tried to ascertain the feasibility of the project.
4. The teacher sought to ascertain the students' understanding of the material.
5. The company sought to ascertain the market potential of the product.
6. The detective worked tirelessly to ascertain the truth behind the mysterious disappearance.
7. We need to ascertain the source of the unusual sound coming from the engine.
8. Scientists aim to ascertain the long-term effects of this experimental drug.
9. The survey will help us ascertain customer satisfaction levels accurately.
10. It's essential to ascertain the accuracy of the data before drawing conclusions.
11. Engineers must ascertain the structural integrity of the bridge before reopening it.
12. The forensic team will ascertain the cause of the fire through careful analysis.
13. To resolve the dispute, we must ascertain the facts surrounding the incident.
14. Let's conduct a thorough audit to ascertain financial discrepancies.
15. The doctor needs to ascertain the patient's medical history for proper diagnosis.
16. It's challenging to ascertain the true intentions behind his actions.
17. We must ascertain the authenticity of the antique before making an offer.
18. The goal is to ascertain the root cause of the recurring system errors.
19. The investigation aims to ascertain the identity of the anonymous tipster.
20. To improve efficiency, we need to ascertain workflow bottlenecks.
21. It's crucial to ascertain the feasibility of the proposed project before proceeding.
22. The team will ascertain the best course of action after analyzing the data.
23. The auditor will ascertain compliance with industry regulations.
24. We must ascertain the extent of the damage caused by the natural disaster.


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