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Examples of 'ascribe' in a Sentence

1. Many ascribe the recent changes in climate to human activity.
2. It is wrong to ascribe malice to someone's actions without knowing their intentions.
3. Psychologists often ascribe certain behaviors to childhood experiences.
4. In the past, people used to ascribe illnesses to supernatural forces.
5. Many people ascribe their good health to regular exercise and a balanced diet.
6. It is common to ascribe great wisdom to people who have lived a long time.
7. Some ascribe the success of the team to the new coach.
8. Many ascribe their happiness to strong, healthy relationships.
9. Some cultures ascribe special significance to certain numbers or symbols.
10. It is a mistake to ascribe intelligence solely to high test scores.
11. Some ascribe the rise of mental health issues to increased stress and isolation in modern society.
12. It is common for people to ascribe their failures to external factors rather than their own shortcomings.
13. Many ascribe the positive changes in their life to adopting a more optimistic mindset.
14. Some ascribe the decline of certain animal species to habitat loss and pollution.


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