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Examples of 'asexual' in a Sentence


1. Lucy, openly asexual, campaigns for awareness and inclusivity in societal norms.
2. Asexual people, like Mark, cherish deep, unsexualized bonds with their partners.
3. For asexuals like Amy, love is a journey of minds and souls, not bodies together.
4. In a hypersexualized era, asexual people seek recognition and respect globally.
5. Asexual voices, often muted, yearn for a space in the narrative of love and bond.
6. Fiction rarely includes asexual characters, underscoring a need for diversity.
7. Asexual individuals aren’t emotionless; they thrive on intellectual connections.
8. To be asexual in a world that equates love with sex can be profoundly challenging.
9. Asexual, not aloof – Emma bonds deeply, sans the sexual element often expected.
10. Sarah identifies as asexual and has never felt sexual attraction towards anyone.
11. Being asexual, Mark prioritizes emotional connections over physical intimacy in his relationships.
12. Asexual individuals may still desire and engage in romantic relationships.
13. Alex explained that asexual people can experience fulfilling and loving partnerships.
14. The documentary aimed to shed light on the experiences of asexual individuals and their unique perspectives.
15. Kate embraces her asexual identity and advocates for greater understanding and acceptance.
16. Asexual representation in media helps educate the public about diverse sexual orientations.
17. Rachel finds solace in online communities that provide support for asexual individuals.
18. Despite societal pressure, Luke remains proud of his asexuality and lives authentically.
19. The workshop focused on raising awareness about asexual experiences and debunking misconceptions.
20. Understanding and respecting asexual orientations is crucial for fostering inclusivity and equality.

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