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Examples of 'aspersions' in a Sentence

1. The aspersions on her competence only motivated her to work harder.
2. Their aspersions regarding his loyalty were completely unfounded.
3. The aspersions in the media tarnished the company's reputation.
4. She couldn't ignore the hurtful aspersions made about her family.
5. The aspersions in the anonymous letter caused a stir in the office.
6. He chose to rise above the petty aspersions and focus on his goals.
7. Aspersions from the rival team fueled their determination to win.
8. She confronted the person spreading false aspersions about her.
9. The aspersions cast on his honesty had a lasting impact.
10. The committee's report contained damaging aspersions about the CEO.
11. He defended himself vigorously against the aspersions on his competence.
12. The aspersions in the news article triggered a public outcry.
13. The aspersions on his leadership led to a vote of no confidence.
14. They were quick to dismiss the aspersions as baseless rumors.
15. The politician cast aspersions on their opponent's character during the debate.
16. The social media post contained aspersions against the celebrity's personal life.
17. The journalist's article was filled with aspersions against the company's ethics.
18. The employee's accusations cast aspersions on the company's HR practices.
19. The teacher's comments were seen as aspersions against the student's abilities.
20. The criminal's defense lawyer cast aspersions on the credibility of the witness.
21. The gossip column in the newspaper was filled with aspersions against celebrities.
22. The competitor's claims cast aspersions on the legitimacy of the race.
23. The customer's negative review contained aspersions against the restaurant's hygiene.
24. The investor's doubts cast aspersions on the company's future prospects.
25. The artist's controversial work received aspersions from some members of the public.

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