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Examples of 'aspiration' in a Sentence

1. As an athlete, her aspiration was to compete in the Olympic Games.
2. The writer's aspiration was to have her novel published and shared with readers worldwide.
3. The school provided guidance and support to help students achieve their academic aspirations.
4. Despite setbacks, he never lost sight of his aspiration to make a positive impact on society.
5. The mentor encouraged her mentee to dream big and pursue their aspirations fearlessly.
6. Her aspiration to become a doctor was a lifelong dream.
7. Personal growth is a common aspiration among many individuals.
8. His aspiration to excel in sports led to rigorous training.
9. The company's aspiration is to lead in sustainable technology.
10. Aspiration for success fueled her hard work and dedication.
11. Education is often seen as a path to achieving one's aspirations.
12. Pursuing a higher degree is a noble aspiration for many.
13. Setting realistic goals is essential for fulfilling aspirations.
14. Her aspiration to make a difference in the world drove her career.
15. The team shared a common aspiration to win the championship.
16. Their shared aspiration was to create innovative solutions.
17. His lifelong aspiration was to travel the world and explore.
18. The aspiration for financial stability motivates many people.
19. Community service fulfills her aspiration to give back.
20. Achieving his career aspiration required dedication and effort.
21. The organization's mission is to support people's aspirations.
22. Their aspiration to live a simple life brought them happiness.
23. The aspiration for a better future drove her to overcome obstacles.
24. The team's aspiration was to break world records in sports.
25. Personal fulfillment often comes from realizing one's aspirations.

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