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Examples of 'aspire' in a Sentence

1. Many people aspire to achieve financial independence before they retire.
2. She will aspire to climb the corporate ladder and become the CEO.
3. In the arts, many aspire to gain recognition and leave a lasting legacy.
4. As a teacher, you should aspire to inspire your students.
5. To be successful in this field, you need to aspire to continuous learning.
6. People with a love for animals often aspire to become veterinarians.
7. Some individuals aspire to public service and choose careers in government.
8. In a democracy, citizens should aspire to be informed and engaged.
9. As a scientist, you should aspire to contribute to the advancement of your field.
10. Many actors aspire to win an Oscar during their career.
11. As a parent, you probably aspire to provide the best opportunities for your child.
12. He will aspire to break the world record in his sport.
13. Many musicians aspire to perform at Carnegie Hall.
14. A true leader should aspire to serve and uplift others, not just wield power.

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