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Examples of 'assault' in a Sentence

1. The organization worked tirelessly to raise awareness about sexual assault and provide education on prevention.
2. The news highlighted a case of assault in a crowded nightclub, prompting public outcry.
3. The survivor underwent therapy to help cope with the emotional trauma resulting from the assault.
4. The assault on the elderly man shocked the community and prompted calls for increased security measures.
5. The judge listened attentively to the testimonies of witnesses to determine the facts of the assault case.
6. He was arrested for his involvement in the assault on the victim.
7. The victim suffered injuries in the brutal assault.
8. The security camera recorded the assault in the parking lot.
9. The survivor bravely spoke out against sexual assault.
10. Authorities take every assault case seriously.
11. The neighborhood was shocked by the random assault.
12. The bar brawl resulted in multiple assault charges.
13. Witnesses testified in court about the assault they had seen.
14. She pressed charges against her ex-partner for domestic assault.
15. The assault left him with a broken nose and black eye.
16. The police launched an investigation into the assault.
17. He was sentenced to prison for his role in the assault.
18. The victim sought therapy to cope with the trauma of the assault.
19. The suspect was apprehended shortly after the assault.
20. The community rallied against hate crimes and assault.
21. The news reported a rise in street assaults in the city.
22. The security guard intervened to prevent the assault.
23. The self-defense class taught women how to protect against assault.
24. He was accused of attempted assault with a deadly weapon.
25. The victim's family demanded justice for the assault.

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