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Examples of 'assemblage' in a Sentence

1. An assemblage of tech gadgets marked the evolution of modern computational era.
2. A harmonious assemblage of strings formed the heart of the grand orchestra.
3. An eclectic assemblage of styles defined the fashion trends of the new decade.
4. Each assemblage of bricks is methodically placed, crafting iconic structures.
5. The assemblage of delegates resulted in global strategies for climate control.
6. The museum showcased an assemblage of ancient artifacts, telling lost stories.
7. An assemblage of old texts brought forgotten knowledge back to the limelight.
8. A unique assemblage of ecosystems exists within the enchanted forest’s depths.
9. The assemblage of spices in the market offered an aroma of worldly cuisines.
10. A delicate assemblage of fabrics revealed the evolution of cultural attire.
11. In every book, an assemblage of chapters weaves the tale's mesmerizing journey.
12. An assemblage of gears and springs breathed life into the intricate clockwork.
13. A magical assemblage of lights adorned the city streets during holiday seasons.
14. The strategic assemblage of troops proved decisive in the historical battle.
15. The art exhibit featured a stunning assemblage of found objects and mixed media.
16. The conference room filled with a diverse assemblage of industry professionals.
17. The vintage store displayed a unique assemblage of antique furniture and decorative items.
18. The archaeologists carefully documented the assemblage of artifacts discovered at the dig site.
19. The assemblage of colorful flowers in the garden created a vibrant and fragrant display.
20. The culinary festival showcased an assemblage of international cuisines and flavors.
21. The curator meticulously arranged the assemblage of paintings to create a visually striking gallery.
22. The novel explored the complex assemblage of characters and their intertwined stories.
23. The assemblage of engineers collaborated to design an innovative and efficient product.
24. The puzzle enthusiasts admired the intricate assemblage of puzzle pieces forming a beautiful image.
25. The assemblage of voices in the choir blended together to create a powerful and harmonious sound.

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