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Examples of 'assert' in a Sentence

1. The director will assert her vision for the project at the first meeting.
2. During the debate, the senator will assert his policy proposals.
3. To overcome the challenges, we must assert our resilience.
4. The teacher will assert the importance of regular study to the students.
5. In the thesis, the researcher will assert his new theory.
6. The activists will assert the need for climate action during the rally.
7. The military will assert its strength in the face of threats.
8. The nation will assert its sovereignty against any foreign intrusion.
9. In the press release, the company will assert its commitment to customer satisfaction.
10. During the interview, you should assert your qualifications and skills.
11. The author will assert her unique style in the upcoming novel.
12. The coach will assert the value of teamwork to the players.
13. To gain respect, one must assert their self-worth and dignity.
14. In the meeting, the team leader will assert the project deadlines to the members.


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