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Examples of 'assertive' in a Sentence

1. His assertive approach to negotiation yielded favorable results.
2. She became more assertive as she gained self-confidence.
3. In debate club, students learn to be assertive speakers.
4. The coach encourages players to be assertive on the field.
5. He took an assertive stance in advocating for change.
6. An assertive mindset is crucial for personal growth.
7. Her assertive behavior empowered those around her.
8. They appreciated her assertive leadership during the crisis.
9. Being assertive is a key trait of effective problem solvers.
10. The assertive young woman stood up for what she believed in.
11. She was an assertive leader who knew how to get things done.
12. He was an assertive negotiator who always stood up for his rights.
13. She had an assertive personality that commanded respect.
14. He was assertive in his communication and always made his point clear.
15. The assertive approach taken by the team helped them to achieve their goals.
16. She was assertive in expressing her feelings and never held back.
17. He was an assertive speaker who always commanded attention.
18. The assertive way she handled the situation impressed everyone.
19. He was assertive in his pursuit of success and never let any obstacles stand in his way.
20. The assertive manner in which she approached the problem helped to find a solution quickly.
21. He was assertive in his interactions with others and never backed down from a challenge.
22. The assertive way she conducted herself earned her the respect of her colleagues.
23. The assertive attitude she brought to the project helped it to succeed.
24. The young woman had an assertive manner as she welcomed the group.


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