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Examples of 'assist' in a Sentence

1. The customer service representative is here to assist you with any issues.
2. The mentor is willing to assist the young entrepreneur in launching their startup.
3. The lifeguard is trained to assist swimmers in distress.
4. They decided to assist the elderly neighbor by shoveling her driveway.
5. The technology team can assist in troubleshooting software problems.
6. The therapist is here to assist you in managing your stress and anxiety.
7. Volunteers will assist in distributing food to those in need.
8. The coach will assist the athletes in improving their performance.
9. The IT department can assist employees with computer issues.
10. Let me assist you in finding the information you need.
11. We should assist the local animal shelter by adopting a rescue pet.
12. The nurse will assist the patient with their daily medications.
13. The search and rescue team is ready to assist in emergencies.
14. The chef is happy to assist you in customizing your meal.
15. The teacher is always ready to assist students with their assignments.
16. The firefighters rushed to the scene to assist in extinguishing the fire.
17. The customer service representative was happy to assist with any inquiries.
18. He offered to assist his colleague in preparing the presentation for the meeting.
19. The medical team worked together to assist the injured hiker on the trail.
20. The charity organization provides financial assistance to those in need.
21. The coach called a timeout to assist the players in strategizing for the final quarter.
22. The software provides a user-friendly interface to assist users in navigating its features.
23. The neighbor offered to assist with mowing the lawn while the family was away.
24. The tour guide was knowledgeable and ready to assist tourists with any questions.
25. The charity event raised funds to assist local families affected by the natural disaster.

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