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Examples of 'associate' in a Sentence

1. I often associate the smell of freshly baked cookies with fond childhood memories.
2. They don't want to associate themselves with people who have questionable reputations.
3. The scientist discovered a new gene that can be associated with certain diseases.
4. The artist wants viewers to associate her paintings with emotions and personal experiences.
5. It is important to associate regular exercise with better overall health.
6. He likes to associate himself with individuals who share similar interests and values.
7. The politician tries to associate his opponents with negative stereotypes to gain an advantage.
8. The company hopes that customers will associate their brand with reliability and quality.
9. The coach wants his team to associate hard work with success on the field.
10. They don't want to associate their product with harmful environmental practices.
11. The child tends to associate bedtime with storytelling and comfort.
12. It is crucial to associate the correct password with your online accounts for security.
13. The fashion designer wants people to associate her brand with creativity and innovation.
14. The professor encourages students to associate the concepts they learn with real-life examples.


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