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Examples of 'association' in a Sentence

1. The association of musicians organized a concert to showcase local talent.
2. The homeowners' association enforces community rules and maintains shared facilities.
3. The international association promotes cultural exchange between different countries.
4. The association of engineers developed guidelines for building sustainable infrastructure.
5. The animal welfare association rescues and rehabilitates abandoned pets.
6. The homeowners' association deals with property disputes.
7. The Association of Scientists promotes research excellence.
8. Her involvement in the art association boosted her creativity.
9. The neighborhood association hosted a lively block party.
10. The association's annual conference drew experts worldwide.
11. The legal association offered valuable networking opportunities.
12. Joining the trade association expanded his business network.
13. The association's newsletter keeps members informed.
14. The environmental association fights tirelessly for conservation.
15. The association's president delivers a compelling speech.
16. The medical association provides guidelines for practitioners.
17. The charity association raised thousands for the cause.
18. The cultural association showcases diverse traditions.
19. The association's charity event was a resounding success.
20. The association's mission is to foster community growth.
21. The student association organized a memorable charity drive.
22. The association's volunteers are dedicated and passionate.
23. The homeowners' association meeting addressed key issues.
24. The association's magazine features insightful articles.
25. The association's annual gala is a glamorous affair.

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