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Examples of 'assurance' in a Sentence

1. The mentor's guidance provided assurance to the new employee, easing their transition into the role.
2. The doctor's reassurance gave the patient a sense of assurance about their health.
3. The parent's words of assurance helped calm their child's fears before the performance.
4. The customer service representative gave assurance that the issue would be resolved promptly.
5. The audit provided assurance that the financial statements were accurate and reliable.
6. His unwavering assurance inspired the team's confidence.
7. The warranty provides assurance for the product's quality.
8. Her smile conveyed warmth and assurance to the audience.
9. The pilot's experience gave passengers assurance.
10. The contract offers financial assurance for both parties.
11. The mentor's guidance provided assurance to the apprentice.
12. The insurance policy gives homeowners peace of mind and assurance.
13. The scientist's research provided assurance of safety.
14. The leader's words offered assurance during challenging times.
15. Reliable data gives assurance of accurate analysis.
16. The handshake sealed the deal with mutual assurance.
17. His track record was an assurance of success.
18. The parent's support provided assurance to the child.
19. Legal counsel is essential for contractual assurance.
20. Transparent communication builds trust and assurance.
21. The auditor's report provided assurance of compliance.
22. An emergency plan offers assurance in times of crisis.
23. The bank's letter of credit offered financial assurance.
24. Their vows of love gave assurance of commitment.
25. A well-maintained vehicle provides assurance of reliability.

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