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Examples of 'astonish' in a Sentence


1. The skilled acrobat's performance will astonish spectators at the circus.
2. The scientist's groundbreaking discovery will astonish the scientific community.
3. The young artist's talent will astonish art enthusiasts.
4. The speed at which he completed the task will astonish his colleagues.
5. The intricate details of the sculpture will astonish art critics.
6. The resilience of the underdog team will astonish their opponents.
7. The delicious flavors of the chef's culinary creations will astonish diners.
8. The accuracy of the archer's aim will astonish onlookers.
9. The precision of the synchronized swimmers will astonish the judges.
10. The actor's flawless performance will astonish the theatergoers.
11. The extraordinary strength of the weightlifter will astonish the audience.
12. The complexity of the mathematician's proof will astonish mathematicians worldwide.
13. The accuracy of the weather forecast will astonish meteorologists.
14. The speed and agility of the dancer's moves will astonish the crowd.


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