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Examples of 'astraphobia' in a Sentence

1. The therapist used gradual exposure techniques to help the patient overcome their astraphobia and reduce their anxiety during thunderstorms.
2. The astraphobia sufferer relied on weather apps and updates to anticipate thunderstorms and mentally prepare for them.
3. The sound of rain pouring down triggered memories of traumatic thunderstorm experiences for those with astraphobia.
4. The astraphobia sufferer experienced relief when the storm passed, accompanied by a sense of triumph over their fear.
5. The astraphobia sufferer's heart raced at the first sign of dark clouds, a reminder of the impending thunder and lightning.
6. Her astraphobia made thunderstorms a terrifying ordeal.
7. Astraphobia often leads to anxiety during stormy weather.
8. The fear of lightning, astraphobia, is more common than people realize.
9. Overcoming astraphobia may require therapy and exposure to storms.
10. Astraphobia can trigger panic attacks during thunderstorms.
11. Children with astraphobia may need comfort and reassurance.
12. The sound of thunder can be particularly distressing for those with astraphobia.
13. Astraphobia can limit one's outdoor activities during stormy seasons.
14. The fear of thunder and lightning, astraphobia, can be debilitating.
15. Her astraphobia led to sleepless nights during stormy weather.
16. Coping strategies can help individuals manage their astraphobia.
17. Astraphobia may stem from a fear of the unknown and uncontrollable nature of storms.
18. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be effective in treating astraphobia.
19. People with astraphobia often seek shelter as soon as a storm approaches.
20. Supportive friends and family can provide comfort to those with astraphobia.
21. Astraphobia can make travel plans challenging during stormy seasons.
22. The therapist helped her confront her astraphobia in a safe environment.
23. Astraphobia can be traced back to traumatic experiences with thunder and lightning.
24. The fear of storms, astraphobia, is a valid and treatable condition.

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