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Examples of 'atavistic' in a Sentence

1. The atavistic rituals of their culture had survived for countless generations.
2. The atavistic sense of community within the tribe remained unshaken.
3. The atavistic desire for dominance emerged in their competitive behaviors.
4. Despite urbanization, some atavistic customs held strong in rural areas.
5. His atavistic fascination with fire harkened back to ancient rituals.
6. The atavistic impulse to protect their offspring was a powerful force.
7. The atavistic reverence for natural elements was deeply rooted.
8. Her atavistic suspicion of strangers stemmed from ancestral caution.
9. The atavistic bonds of kinship were celebrated in their traditions.
10. In times of scarcity, atavistic survival skills became essential.
11. The atavistic longing for simpler times persisted in their art.
12. The atavistic yearning for adventure drove them to explore new lands.
13. Their atavistic respect for elders was a cherished value.
14. The atavistic fear of predators haunted their collective memory.
15. The atavistic response to danger was swift and coordinated.
16. His atavistic instincts for navigation guided them through the wilderness.
17. The atavistic echoes of ancient languages still lingered in their speech.
18. The atavistic connection to the stars played a role in their mythology.
19. The atavistic pull of the ocean drew them to its shores for generations.


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