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Examples of 'atrium' in a Sentence

1. The atrium of the courthouse was adorned with elegant columns and artwork, reflecting a sense of grandeur.
2. The atrium in the shopping mall provided a spacious area for events and performances.
3. The atrium of the university library offered a quiet and comfortable space for students to study.
4. The residential building featured a glass atrium that flooded the interior with natural light.
5. The atrium of the conference center was the ideal place for networking and meeting other professionals.
6. The restaurant's atrium boasted a stunning view of the city skyline, creating a memorable dining experience.
7. The grand hotel lobby featured a stunning glass atrium.
8. The hospital's central atrium offered a peaceful garden retreat.
9. The architect designed a spacious atrium to flood the gallery with light.
10. The atrium of the shopping mall was adorned with lush greenery.
11. A skylight in the atrium bathed the room in natural sunlight.
12. The university's atrium served as a hub for student gatherings.
13. The modern office building had a sleek, minimalist atrium.
14. A cascading waterfall graced the atrium of the corporate headquarters.
15. The wedding reception was held in a beautifully decorated atrium.
16. The atrium's glass roof provided an unobstructed view of the sky.
17. A botanical garden flourished in the heart of the atrium.
18. The conference center's atrium hosted a variety of events.
19. The atrium's fountain added a touch of elegance to the space.
20. The museum's atrium showcased a stunning sculpture exhibit.
21. The atrium's open design encouraged social interaction.
22. In the winter, the atrium was transformed into a festive wonderland.
23. She found solitude in the atrium, surrounded by nature and light.
24. The restaurant's atrium offered a charming setting for brunch.


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