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Examples of 'attack' in a Sentence


1. The media outlets criticized the celebrity's latest controversial tweet, prompting an online attack.
2. The swarm of bees threatened to attack anyone who got too close to their hive.
3. The protestors voiced their grievances and demanded justice, accusing the government of attacking their rights.
4. The virus-infected computer systems were under attack from multiple sources.
5. The soccer team launched a relentless attack on the opponent's defense, scoring multiple goals.
6. The army prepared to attack the enemy's stronghold.
7. The news anchor reported a shark attack at the beach.
8. Vandals tried to attack the historic monument.
9. The hacker attempted to attack the company's database.
10. The protesters decided to peacefully attack the issue.
11. The dog didn't hesitate to attack the intruder.
12. She felt a sudden urge to attack her opponent in the game.
13. The swarm of bees began to attack the hiker.
14. The boxer used a powerful left hook to attack his opponent.
15. The virus can attack the computer's operating system.
16. The wolves coordinated to attack their prey.
17. The politician used negative ads to attack the opponent.
18. The storm began to attack the coastal town.
19. The detective needed to attack the case from a different angle.
20. The wildfire continued to attack the forest.
21. The disease can attack the immune system.
22. The football team planned to attack the opponent's defense.
23. The venomous snake could attack when provoked.
24. He decided to attack the issue head-on in his speech.
25. The criminal attempted to attack the security guard.

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