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Examples of 'attire' in a Sentence

1. The ballet dancers' attire included tutus and ballet slippers.
2. The job interview calls for professional attire, like a suit and tie.
3. The ski trip requires warm and insulated winter attire.
4. The military personnel wore their formal dress attire for the ceremony.
5. The gym's dress policy asks members to wear appropriate workout attire.
6. The medieval faire attendees donned period-appropriate attire.
7. The yoga class participants arrived in comfortable workout attire.
8. The fashion show featured avant-garde and unconventional attire.
9. The royal gala demanded regal and opulent attire from its guests.
10. The firefighters wear protective attire when battling blazes.
11. The cultural festival showcased traditional folkloric attire from various regions.
12. The chef's attire includes a white coat and a tall chef's hat.
13. The masquerade ball attendees wore mysterious and elaborate attire.
14. The astronauts' attire is specially designed for space exploration.
15. The carnival performers' attire was vibrant and flamboyant.
16. The hikers wore appropriate hiking attire and sturdy boots.
17. The theatrical production featured elaborate period attire.
18. The rock concert attendees sported casual and edgy attire.
19. The fashion models displayed haute couture attire on the runway.

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