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Examples of 'attitude' in a Sentence

1. The team's cooperative attitude led to a harmonious and productive work environment.
2. The customer's demanding attitude made it difficult to satisfy their expectations.
3. She displayed a humble attitude despite her remarkable achievements.
4. The politician's charismatic attitude resonated with the voters.
5. The student's apathetic attitude towards learning affected their academic performance.
6. Her positive attitude always brightens the room.
7. His attitude towards challenges is admirable.
8. A good attitude can make a big difference.
9. She has a no-nonsense attitude at work.
10. His attitude towards learning is enthusiastic.
11. The team's attitude led to their victory.
12. Adjusting your attitude can change your day.
13. A confident attitude can boost self-esteem.
14. Their attitude toward the project was optimistic.
15. A flexible attitude helps in adapting to change.
16. She maintained a professional attitude under pressure.
17. His attitude towards helping others is commendable.
18. Attitude reflects one's inner thoughts.
19. The company promotes a customer-centric attitude.
20. Her attitude towards life is full of gratitude.
21. A negative attitude can be contagious.
22. Developing a growth mindset is about attitude.
23. His carefree attitude can be refreshing.
24. Attitude shapes how we experience the world.
25. Her attitude towards challenges is fearless.

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