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Examples of 'attrition' in a Sentence

1. The attrition of the ozone layer is a global environmental concern.
2. The attrition of troops in battle required reinforcements.
3. The attrition of market share prompted a change in strategy.
4. The attrition of support for the policy was noticeable.
5. Employee attrition rates have been increasing in recent years.
6. The attrition of resources forced them to prioritize spending.
7. The attrition of enthusiasm for the project slowed progress.
8. The attrition of patience in the negotiation process was challenging.
9. Attrition in the customer base prompted marketing efforts.
10. The attrition of natural habitats threatens biodiversity.
11. Over time, the attrition of memories can alter perceptions.
12. The attrition of friendships is a natural part of life.
13. Attrition in the team's energy levels affected their performance.
14. The military academy had strict rules to reduce attrition among cadets.
15. Attrition was a major concern for the company as it lost many experienced employees.
16. The company implemented a retention program to combat attrition.
17. Attrition in the company's workforce was caused by poor management and low morale.
18. The attrition rate among college students was alarmingly high.
19. The company's profits were affected by the high cost of employee attrition.
20. Attrition is a natural process in which the population decreases over time.
21. The company's human resources department had to work hard to decrease attrition among new hires.
22. Attrition can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress and burnout.
23. The company's goal was to reduce attrition by providing better benefits and working conditions.
24. The attrition rate in the company's call center was significantly higher than the industry average.

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