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Examples of 'atypical' in a Sentence

1. The atypical architecture of the building made it a landmark in the city.
2. The professor presented an atypical theory that challenged conventional wisdom.
3. The company's atypical marketing strategy generated a lot of buzz.
4. The atypical design of the smartphone set it apart from its competitors.
5. The atypical color combination of the dress caught everyone's attention.
6. The atypical sound of the band's music was both intriguing and refreshing.
7. Her atypical career path led her to unexpected opportunities.
8. The team's atypical training regimen resulted in impressive performance gains.
9. The atypical structure of the poem added depth and complexity to its meaning.
10. The novel explored atypical family dynamics in a thought-provoking way.
11. The product's atypical packaging caught the eye of shoppers on the shelf.
12. The atypical lighting in the art installation created an immersive experience.
13. The atypical ingredients in the recipe gave the dish a unique and delicious flavor.
14. His atypical perspective on social issues challenged conventional viewpoints.


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