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Examples of 'au-fait' in a Sentence

1. The project manager is au fait with the project requirements and keeps the team on track.
2. The chef is au fait with various cooking techniques and creates innovative dishes.
3. The financial analyst is au fait with market trends and accurately predicted the stock performance.
4. She is au fait with social media platforms and effectively manages the company's online presence.
5. The journalist is au fait with political affairs and provided in-depth coverage of the election.
6. The designer is au fait with different design software and creates visually appealing graphics.
7. She's au-fait with the latest tech trends, ensuring innovative solutions.
8. Our consultant is au-fait with local market dynamics, optimizing strategies.
9. Being au-fait with competition is vital; it shapes our competitive edge.
10. He's au-fait with historical context, enriching our understanding.
11. Our engineer, au-fait with design software, creates cutting-edge products.
12. She's au-fait with customer preferences, tailoring services effectively.
13. The manager, au-fait with project management, ensures timely delivery.
14. Being au-fait with regulations is crucial; it avoids legal pitfalls.
15. He's au-fait with communication nuances, fostering strong relationships.
16. Our analyst, au-fait with statistics, drives data-driven decisions.
17. She's au-fait with cultural nuances, ensuring effective global expansion.
18. Being au-fait with emerging tech gives us a competitive edge.
19. He's au-fait with cybersecurity best practices, safeguarding our data.
20. Our team, au-fait with market trends, seizes growth opportunities.
21. She's au-fait with customer feedback, enhancing our products.
22. Our consultant, au-fait with industry dynamics, guides strategic choices.
23. Being au-fait with consumer behavior is key to marketing success.
24. He's au-fait with negotiation tactics, securing favorable deals.
25. She's au-fait with supply chain intricacies, optimizing logistics.
26. Being au-fait with AI applications boosts our operational efficiency.


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