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Examples of 'auction' in a Sentence

1. A charity auction was held to raise funds for a local nonprofit organization.
2. The vintage car went under the hammer at a classic car auction.
3. The art auction showcased works from renowned artists.
4. The auction ended with a suspenseful final bid that determined the winner.
5. An auction was organized to sell off the unclaimed items from a lost and found department.
6. The rare painting will be up for auction next week.
7. The auction house is famous for selling valuable art.
8. Bidders gathered for the charity auction.
9. The vintage car fetched a high price at the auction.
10. He won the antique clock at the silent auction.
11. The online auction attracted international buyers.
12. The estate auction included valuable jewelry.
13. The auctioneer started the bidding at a low price.
14. The auction brought in record-breaking bids.
15. She placed a winning bid at the art auction.
16. Auctions can be thrilling for collectors.
17. The auction featured a collection of rare books.
18. They attended the livestock auction at the fair.
19. The auction of the historic house was a major event.
20. The government held a surplus equipment auction.
21. The auctioneer's rapid chant echoed through the hall.
22. The auction catalog listed hundreds of items.
23. They won the vintage watch at the estate auction.
24. The charity auction raised funds for a good cause.
25. The online auction platform is user-friendly.

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