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Examples of 'audile' in a Sentence

1. The audile learner thrived in the lecture.
2. An audile person appreciates the subtleties of music.
3. The audile world of radio captivated her.
4. He had an audile fascination with bird calls.
5. The audile sense heightened during meditation.
6. Audile individuals find solace in sounds.
7. The audile student's notes were mostly audio recordings.
8. The audile artist drew inspiration from sounds.
9. An audile's interpretation of music is unique.
10. His audile talents enriched the choir.
11. The audile experience of a thunderstorm is awe-inspiring.
12. Audile sensitivity made her an excellent translator.
13. The audile child easily picked up foreign languages.
14. The audile person noticed every subtle nuance.
15. An audile's world is filled with auditory beauty.
16. The audile perception of nature's sounds brought peace.
17. The audile student prefers lectures over text.
18. His audile skills enriched the world of sound engineering.

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