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Examples of 'auditorium' in a Sentence

1. The event organizer reserved the auditorium months in advance.
2. The high school band performed their annual concert in the auditorium.
3. The curtains in the auditorium's stage were a deep shade of red.
4. The university's new auditorium was equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
5. The audience gave a standing ovation at the end of the performance in the auditorium.
6. The auditorium filled with eager students for the commencement ceremony.
7. The grandeur of the auditorium left a lasting impression on the audience.
8. They renovated the historic auditorium to preserve its cultural significance.
9. The acoustics in the auditorium were exceptional, enhancing the concert experience.
10. The auditorium's capacity allowed for a sizable audience at the conference.
11. She delivered a captivating speech in the packed auditorium.
12. The school's newly built auditorium was a state-of-the-art facility.
13. The theater group rehearsed tirelessly in the spacious auditorium.
14. The ornate decorations in the auditorium added to its charm.
15. The auditorium hosted a diverse range of events, from plays to lectures.
16. The auditorium's stage was the focal point of the drama production.
17. The auditorium's tiered seating provided clear views for all attendees.
18. The applause thundered through the auditorium at the end of the performance.
19. The auditorium's modern lighting system created a visually stunning atmosphere.
20. The university's auditorium was a hub for intellectual discussions.
21. The school assembly in the auditorium was both informative and entertaining.
22. The ballet company showcased their talent in the elegant auditorium.
23. The graduation ceremony in the vast auditorium marked a significant milestone.
24. The architecture of the auditorium blended classic and contemporary design.
25. The sound system in the auditorium ensured crystal-clear audio during lectures.


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