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Examples of 'augury' in a Sentence

1. The priest performed an augury ritual to seek guidance from the gods.
2. The wise elder interpreted the patterns of smoke rising from the sacred fire as an augury of spiritual messages.
3. The augury of a rainbow after the rain brought a sense of hope and optimism.
4. The diviner used tarot cards for augury, revealing hidden insights about the future.
5. The augury of a broken mirror was believed to bring seven years of bad luck.
6. The ancient texts contained numerous symbols and omens that were used for augury.
7. The ancient art of augury often involved studying bird behavior.
8. She consulted a witch for augury to predict her future.
9. Augury was a common practice in many ancient civilizations.
10. The priest used augury to interpret the meaning of dreams.
11. The wise woman practiced augury with the casting of stones.
12. The villagers sought augury before embarking on their journey.
13. The king relied on augury to make important decisions.
14. The seer's augury was believed to reveal hidden truths.
15. Augury often involves interpreting the flight patterns of birds.
16. The oracle's augury was highly respected in the region.
17. He studied the ancient texts to learn the art of augury.
18. Augury can be a mysterious and cryptic practice.
19. The farmer used augury to predict the success of his crops.
20. The old crone offered augury services to those in need.
21. Augury played a significant role in the culture's traditions.
22. The sailor consulted an oracle for augury before setting sail.
23. Augury often involves the casting of lots or runes.
24. The priestess was skilled in the art of augury.
25. Many superstitions are rooted in the practice of augury.
26. The king's augury foretold a time of great change.

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