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Examples of 'austerity' in a Sentence

1. He was a phlegmatic and authoritative man with an air of stolid austerity.
2. The government implemented austerity measures in order to address the country's budget deficit.
3. The family had to live with austerity after the father lost his job.
4. The country has been in a state of austerity for years, with high unemployment and little economic growth.
5. The austerity measures have been met with protests from citizens who are unhappy with the cuts to public services.
6. The family had to endure austerity during the war, with little food and few resources.
7. The government's austerity measures have been criticized for disproportionately affecting the poor and vulnerable.
8. The company's austerity plan included layoffs and salary cuts for all employees.
9. The austerity measures have caused widespread discontent among the public.
10. The family's austerity lifestyle meant they had to do without many luxuries.
11. The country has been in a state of austerity since the economic crisis began.
12. The government's austerity measures have been successful in reducing the budget deficit, but at a high cost to the public.
13. During tough times, the government imposed austerity measures to reduce spending.
14. His lifestyle reflects a commitment to austerity and minimalism.
15. The company faced financial difficulties, leading to a period of austerity.
16. Austerity can be challenging, but it can also lead to personal growth.
17. The monks practiced austerity, living with few material possessions.
18. Economic austerity can have both short-term pain and long-term gain.
19. In times of crisis, many people turn to austerity to save money.
20. The leader's commitment to austerity earned the respect of the nation.
21. Austerity measures often involve cutting public services and benefits.
22. The country's economic austerity program aimed to reduce debt.
23. Embracing austerity allowed her to save for future goals.
24. Austerity can lead to a deeper appreciation of life's simple pleasures.

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