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Examples of 'authoritarian' in a Sentence

1. In an authoritarian society, civil liberties are restricted.
2. Authoritarian governments often censor the internet.
3. The party's authoritarian rule stifles opposition.
4. The police use authoritarian tactics to quell protests.
5. Authoritarian leaders consolidate power through propaganda.
6. Authoritarian regimes often lack checks and balances.
7. The country's authoritarian policies drew international criticism.
8. The authoritarian state tightly regulates the economy.
9. Living under an authoritarian government can be oppressive.
10. The authoritarian regime's human rights abuses are well-documented.
11. Authoritarian leaders often centralize authority in themselves.
12. The regime's authoritarian grip on power seems unshakable.
13. The authoritarian ruler's control extends to all aspects of life.
14. The transition from authoritarianism to democracy is challenging.
15. The government's authoritarian policies led to widespread protests among the populace.
16. The company's authoritarian management style left little room for creative input from the employees.
17. Historians often debate the impact of authoritarian rule on the development of various societies.
18. The principal’s authoritarian approach was effective in maintaining discipline but stifled student creativity.
19. Some citizens were supportive of the authoritarian measures taken during the crisis to ensure public safety.
20. The novel depicted a dystopian future dominated by authoritarian regimes.
21. The teacher’s authoritarian manner made the students too afraid to ask questions.
22. Scholars analyze how authoritarian parenting styles can affect children’s psychological development.
23. The rebels aimed to overthrow the authoritarian dictator and establish a democratic government.
24. The company switched from an authoritarian to a more participative leadership style, which boosted employee morale.
25. The constitution was amended to prevent any individual from establishing an authoritarian rule.
26. She read various books to understand the nuances between authoritarian and totalitarian systems of government.


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