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Examples of 'authority' in a Sentence

1. The authority of the medical board ensures that healthcare professionals adhere to ethical standards.
2. The book is widely regarded as an authority on the history of ancient civilizations.
3. The local council exercises its authority by approving or rejecting development projects.
4. The expert's authority in the field was evident through her well-researched and influential publications.
5. The government appointed a committee to investigate allegations of abuse of authority by public officials.
6. The police officer had the authority to arrest the suspect.
7. The principal is the highest authority in the school.
8. The government's authority is derived from the constitution.
9. The authority of the judge in the courtroom is unquestioned.
10. The authority of a parent is crucial in a child's upbringing.
11. The professor is an authority on ancient civilizations.
12. The CEO wields authority over the company's operations.
13. The traffic cop directed vehicles with authority.
14. The authority of the law must be upheld.
15. The president has the authority to veto legislation.
16. Religious leaders are often seen as authorities on faith.
17. The referee's authority is essential in sports.
18. The authority of a scientific theory relies on evidence.
19. The board of directors has the ultimate authority in decisions.
20. The captain has authority over the ship's crew.
21. The authority of the mayor extends to city governance.
22. The expert's authority on the topic is widely recognized.
23. The military commander has full authority on the battlefield.
24. The authority of tradition shapes cultural practices.
25. The authority of a mentor can greatly influence one's career.


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