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Examples of 'autonomy' in a Sentence

1. The artist valued the autonomy of their creative process, refusing to conform to external expectations.
2. The patient's autonomy was respected, and they were involved in decision-making regarding their medical treatment.
3. The city's autonomy allowed it to establish unique local policies and regulations.
4. The company encouraged employee autonomy by fostering a culture of trust and empowerment.
5. The autonomous robot efficiently performed repetitive tasks in the factory, improving productivity.
6. The movement fought for the autonomy of marginalized communities, advocating for their right to self-determination.
7. Individual autonomy is a fundamental human right.
8. The university grants its departments a degree of autonomy.
9. Autonomy empowers employees to make decisions.
10. Nations strive for political and economic autonomy.
11. The company encourages creative autonomy among its teams.
12. Personal autonomy is vital for self-expression.
13. Autonomous vehicles are changing the future of transportation.
14. The child sought autonomy by making choices independently.
15. The artist valued creative autonomy in her work.
16. Cultural autonomy is important in preserving traditions.
17. The nation fought for its autonomy from colonial rule.
18. The patient's autonomy in medical decisions is respected.
19. Autonomous robots perform tasks in manufacturing.
20. The board granted financial autonomy to the division.
21. Autonomy can lead to innovation and self-reliance.
22. Autonomy is a key principle in democratic societies.
23. The region's autonomy allows for local governance.
24. Technology is advancing the autonomy of devices.
25. Autonomy enables individuals to chart their own path.
26. Team autonomy fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility.

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