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Examples of 'avalanche' in a Sentence


1. The hiker triggered a small avalanche while traversing a steep slope.
2. The skiers enjoyed fresh powder after a controlled avalanche cleared the slopes.
3. The warning signs indicated a high avalanche danger in the area.
4. The snowboarder triggered an avalanche when he went off-piste.
5. The snow patrol conducted regular avalanche control measures to ensure the safety of the ski resort.
6. The avalanche buried the mountain village in snow.
7. Survivors shared their terrifying stories of the avalanche.
8. The avalanche warning was broadcast on the radio.
9. Climbers were cautioned about the risk of avalanches.
10. The rescue team searched for survivors after the avalanche.
11. An avalanche of debris blocked the highway.
12. Skiers triggered an avalanche while on the slopes.
13. Avalanche safety equipment is essential in the backcountry.
14. The avalanche threat forced the closure of the ski resort.
15. A massive avalanche devastated the remote area.
16. The avalanche danger was high after heavy snowfall.
17. She narrowly escaped being caught in the avalanche.
18. The avalanche experts studied the snowpack.
19. The noise of the avalanche was deafening.
20. Avalanche control measures were in place to protect the town.
21. The avalanche left a trail of destruction in its path.
22. The avalanche risk increased with rising temperatures.
23. The rescue dogs helped locate victims of the avalanche.
24. He was well-prepared for an avalanche while mountaineering.
25. The avalanche awareness program aims to educate the public.

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