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Examples of 'avant-garde' in a Sentence


1. The scientist's avant-garde research led to groundbreaking discoveries in the field of quantum physics.
2. The choreographer's avant-garde dance routine incorporated elements of improvisation and abstraction.
3. The gallery exhibited avant-garde sculptures that defied traditional notions of form and material.
4. The architect's avant-garde building design featured asymmetrical shapes and innovative use of space.
5. The poet's avant-garde use of language created a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere in the poem.
6. The designer's avant-garde fashion collection was inspired by futuristic technology and space exploration.
7. The avant-garde theater group aimed to challenge societal norms through thought-provoking performances.
8. The composer's avant-garde symphony incorporated electronic sounds and unconventional harmonies.
9. The art critic praised the painter's avant-garde works for their unique blend of colors and textures.
10. The novelist gained recognition for her avant-garde storytelling techniques that played with time and perspective.
11. The avant-garde photography exhibit captured abstract images that stirred viewers' emotions.
12. The avant-garde fashion movement of the 1960s embraced bold and unconventional designs.
13. The academic conference explored avant-garde theories that questioned established paradigms in psychology.
14. The avant-garde approach of the software company led to the development of cutting-edge applications.


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