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Examples of 'avarice' in a Sentence

1. Avarice can corrode even the strongest of friendships.
2. The politician's avarice for power was widely criticized.
3. Avarice can be a destructive force in society.
4. The avarice of the tycoon made headlines.
5. He realized that avarice had taken over his life.
6. The avarice of the collector drove up the price of art.
7. Avarice can lead to unethical decision-making.
8. The consequences of avarice were evident in the economic crisis.
9. Avarice can lead to a lonely and unfulfilling existence.
10. The fairy tale warned against the dangers of avarice.
11. Avarice often blinds individuals to the suffering of others.
12. The avarice of the corporation led to environmental damage.
13. Avarice can cause people to make regrettable choices.
14. The movie portrayed the destructive effects of avarice.
15. His avarice was the root cause of his downfall.
16. The avarice of the wealthy elite led to widespread inequality.
17. He was consumed by avarice and could never be satisfied with what he had.
18. The avarice of the corporation was evident in their ruthless business practices.
19. The avarice of the politicians was exposed in the corruption scandal.
20. The avarice of the bankers led to the collapse of the economy.
21. The avarice of the ruling class was a major factor in the revolution.
22. He was criticized for his avarice and greed.
23. The avarice of the company was evident in their cutting of costs at the expense of employees.
24. The avarice of the individual was the main cause of the financial crisis.
25. His avarice led him to make unethical decisions in his business.

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