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Examples of 'avaricious' in a Sentence

1. She couldn't believe her avaricious ex-husband had tried to steal her inheritance.
2. His avaricious pursuit of money had made him many enemies.
3. She was disgusted by the avaricious behavior of the CEO.
4. His avaricious greed was legendary among his coworkers.
5. She couldn't stand the avaricious attitude of her boss.
6. His avaricious love of money had made him cold and calculating.
7. She was horrified by the avaricious way the company exploited its workers.
8. His avaricious behavior had caused him to lose all of his friends.
9. She couldn't believe the avaricious lengths her sister had gone to in order to get ahead.
10. His avaricious desire to be the richest man in the world had driven him to do some questionable things.
11. She couldn't stand the avaricious way her boss always tried to make a profit at the expense of others.
12. His avaricious pursuit of wealth drove him to unethical business practices.
13. The avaricious landlord raised the rent without justification.
14. Avaricious CEOs prioritize profits over employee well-being.
15. Her avaricious nature strained her personal relationships.
16. Avaricious investors exploited the vulnerable housing market.
17. The avaricious corporation evaded taxes to maximize profits.
18. Avaricious behavior often leads to financial ruin.
19. The avaricious banker was involved in embezzlement.
20. Avaricious politicians prioritize campaign contributions.
21. His avaricious ambition knew no bounds in his quest for riches.


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