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Examples of 'avian' in a Sentence


1. The penguin's avian adaptations allow it to thrive in harsh Antarctic conditions.
2. Avian intelligence is evident in the problem-solving skills of certain birds.
3. Avian nests display remarkable diversity in terms of design and construction.
4. The ostrich's avian anatomy includes powerful legs adapted for running.
5. Birdsong is a delightful avian feature used for communication and mating.
6. Avian plumage often serves as both camouflage and attraction.
7. Raptors' keen eyesight is a remarkable avian adaptation for hunting.
8. The peregrine falcon is known for its avian speed, reaching over 240 mph.
9. Eggs are a universal avian reproductive feature, incubated by parents.
10. Many avian species display migratory behavior, covering vast distances.
11. The albatross has the largest wingspan among avian species.
12. Avian fossils provide insights into the evolution of modern birds.
13. Researchers study avian diseases to protect wild and domesticated birds.
14. Avian conservation efforts focus on preserving habitats and preventing extinction.
15. The avian flu outbreak caused concern among public health officials.
16. She was an avian veterinarian and specialized in treating birds.
17. He was an avian ecologist and studied the behavior of birds in the wild.
18. She was fascinated by avian species and had a collection of bird specimens.
19. He was an avian photographer and captured beautiful images of birds in nature.
20. She was an avian biologist and researched the genetics of birds.
21. He was an avian ornithologist and studied the classification and evolution of birds.
22. She was an avian conservationist and worked to protect endangered bird species.
23. He was an avian breeder and raised rare and exotic birds.
24. She was an avian artist and painted beautiful portraits of birds.
25. He was an avian enthusiast and enjoyed bird watching as a hobby.

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