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Examples of 'avidity' in a Sentence

1. The young chef approached cooking with avidity, constantly experimenting with new flavors and techniques.
2. The scientist pursued her research with avidity, driven by a genuine curiosity and desire to uncover new discoveries.
3. His avidity for learning languages led him to study multiple foreign languages simultaneously.
4. The entrepreneur's avidity for success motivated her to overcome challenges and persevere in her business endeavors.
5. The child's avidity for exploration knew no bounds as he eagerly ventured into new realms of discovery.
6. With avidity, she devoured books, each page fueling her insatiable thirst for knowledge.
7. He pursued his music career with avidity, practicing tirelessly night and day.
8. Avidity for learning languages opened worlds, building bridges across cultures.
9. A chef’s avidity inspires them to create dishes that delight and surprise the senses.
10. Children's avidity for play is an inspiring, energizing, and contagious spirit.
11. He watched the night sky with avidity, each star telling a tale of cosmic wonder.
12. Her avidity for art was visible; every wall of her home adorned with masterpieces.
13. The athlete's avidity led to victory; passion and discipline were his guiding stars.
14. With avidity, volunteers restored the park, their love for community shining through.
15. A traveler’s avidity fuels journeys to distant lands, embracing the unknown.
16. A scientist’s avidity for discovery illuminates paths to innovation and knowledge.
17. The artist painted with avidity, each stroke echoing the passion within his soul.
18. Students with avidity absorb knowledge, transforming it into innovation.
19. Gardeners watch with avidity as each seed, with time, blooms into splendid beauty.
20. A writer’s avidity for words crafts tales that transport readers to other worlds.
21. Entrepreneurs’ avidity for innovation births products that shape the future.
22. He studied astronomy with avidity, his eyes always gazing towards the stars.
23. A musician’s avidity translates notes into melodies that touch the soul.
24. Dancers move with avidity, their bodies expressing the rhythm of their passion.
25. With avidity, the coder solved problems, turning lines of code into digital art.


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